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For a one-off fee of just £9.95, you can own and read the Speed Trap Guide on Kindle, iPad and Google Tablets as well as your computer.

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Solicitors are great when they are on your side, they can save you your driving licence and reveal a lot of loopholes and ways around getting convicted for speeding.

I know this because I have had firsthand experience, paying for one to get me through a court case, however, if I had not won the case I would have had to pay the fees, which were extortionate!

Luckily for me, I used a good solicitor, learned everything I needed to know about speeding cases, and even more. ...


In many cases points are quashed and licences are safe

Just by using the featured example letters in the guide, we can almost guarantee that your points and fine will be dropped 90% of the time in most cases, saving you over £60, it doesn’t take a clever person to realise that £9.95 for all this advice and knowledge is well worth it especially if you already have 9 points your just 3 points from a Ban !  We will also attach links to useful websites, this is a FREE bonus !


Send us an email with the issue you are having with downloading the guide, or if you would like to simply tell us about your driving experience.

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