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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it legal to use The SpeedTrap Guide to help with my speeding case?.

    It is completely legal to use the guide, as it offers information that is official and used within the legal system, most people just dont know it exists, otherwise there would be alot of people winning court cases, and the government wouldnt have any money from the poor sods they could be fining, apart from of course the real law breakers who drive dangerously.

  • Do I have to pay anymore than £9.95p, in the future?

    £9.95 is all you pay, and it could potentially save you a hundred times that, what an investment !

  • Is it hard to pay for the guide if I dont have a paypal or google account?

    PayPal is the worlds largest and most trusted internet only bank, and it has been around and improved over and over again since its initial conception, PayPal is owned by eBay so it covers many security areas, and supports all major credit and debit cards, so you can easily start using PayPal straight away.

  • How do I recieve The SpeedTrap Guide after Ive made a payment and how long will it take ?

    As soon as you have paid £9.95 using PayPal , you will be given a link to press whilst in PayPal, you will then recieve confirmation of payment to your email address.

    The link that you are given takes you to a secure download page which will allow you to immediatley download The SpeedTrap Guide into your desired folder on your computer, where you can Open, Read, Print and win your court case.

  • Will the Guide be updated in the future and will I have to pay again if it is ?

    When the law changes or new loopholes are discovered we will send existing customers a FREE update of The SpeedTrap Guide.

  • Why is the guide only £9.95 ?

    We have priced this guide at £9.95 to help you save money, not just by saving you a fine but by offering you information that is hard to find and when you do find a company that offers it they will charge up to 5 times more. The aim is to save money not waste it.

For a one-off fee of just £9.95, you can own and read the Speed Trap Guide on Kindle, iPad and Google Tablets as well as your computer.

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In many cases points are quashed and licences are safe

Just by using the featured example letters in the guide, we can almost guarantee that your points and fine will be dropped 90% of the time in most cases, saving you over £60, it doesn’t take a clever person to realise that £9.95 for all this advice and knowledge is well worth it especially if you already have 9 points your just 3 points from a Ban !  We will also attach links to useful websites, this is a FREE bonus !


Send us an email with the issue you are having with downloading the guide, or if you would like to simply tell us about your driving experience.

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