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Keep your Licence

The Speed Trap Guide 2019 |

Knowing the Law

The Speed Trap Guide 2019 |

Bus lane Cameras

The Speed Trap Guide 2019 |

Young Drivers

The Speed Trap Guide 2019 |

Read on iPad and Kindle

The Speed Trap Guide 2019 |

Advice for Young Drivers

Caught Speeding?

Young drivers tend to get treated worse than others, however nobody likes to be caught speeding. Seeing that flash in your rear view mirror is enough to put a dampener on anyone’s day. At the very least, if you are caught speeding you can expect a fixed penalty notice and three points on your license. However, in many cases where people have been caught speeding, the penalties are unenforceable. Our simple guides will provide all the information you need to get off speeding tickets.

Learn about Speed Cameras

Avoid Speeding Fines

Our guide will detail all the steps you need to take to avoid speeding fines.  Whether you are caught by a fixed camera or speed gun, there is almost always a loophole that can be used to avoid speeding fines and stop those points being added to your license. Our techniques are tailored to ensure that you can avoid speeding fines in almost any situation.

Know the Law

Get Off Speeding Tickets

There are many techniques that can be used to get off speeding tickets and some are more successful than others. The reason that it is possible to get off speeding tickets is that the government is bound by the laws put in place to ensure guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Our techniques provide all the ammunition you will need to ensure that your speeding ticket is dismissed by the courts. 

Keep your Licence

Beat Speeding Ticket

Many people will try to beat a speeding ticket with simple excuses. These have all been heard before and hold no water with the authorities. For a very affordable price, our guide will help you beat speeding tickets by separating fact from fiction. The information we provide is truly invaluable. A speeding ticket is more than a fine; it is points on your license.  In many cases, beating a speeding ticket can mean the difference between losing and keeping your driving license.

For a one-off fee of just £9.95, you can own and read the Speed Trap Guide on Kindle, iPad and Google Tablets as well as your computer.


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Reviewer 1What a great guide, I cant believe how in depth it is, well worth 10 quid ! nice one

Reviewer 2 I was panicking as I already have 9 points, but now im not too afraid as I feel as though I can get let off, by using the advice in the guide. CHEERS:)

Reviewer 3 I cant believe the amount of information you get for £9.95, I have now written my letter to get a parking fine quashed by using the tailored letter template, brilliant, stick the system !

Reviewer 4 Best 10 pounds I have ever spent, for the price of a couple of drinks you can get all fines and points removed, excellent, nice one mate

Why should I buy this Guide?

Well why not ? this Guide is a comprehensive fountain of knowledge covering a large amount of areas in Traffic Law. Please don’t get me wrong, I despise drivers who regularly take liberties and drive over the Speed Limit, overtaking like loonies causing accidents and mayhem even death.
These people should be locked up like the real criminals they are!

But if you are just like me and have been caught out and feel that you were not in the wrong then why not spend a fraction of what I did and read the SpeedTrap Guide, containing everything an innocent fine victim like you and me needs to know to help keep our licence clean and our wallets full.

Remember a lot of research has gone into producing this guide, as it was built originally for myself to help me get through to a successful outcome and have all speeding convictions dropped. It is a great feeling to take on the system and win, so good luck ! Again  I have done all the hard work and spent lots of time and hard cash already so you don’t have to " although I retrieved all costs back when the police lost ! " , all I ask for is a small fee £9.95 which will give you an in depth guide to escaping fines of up to £1500 , which is not far off what I spent to build this guide.

Read the guide on your Travels

The new 2019 Edition of the Speed Trap Guide is now fully compatible with your eReader device be it the Apple iPad Tablet, Android Tablets, Amazon Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire.

This means that you can keep a copy of the guide with you whilst you are on your travels. You never know when you might just need it.



In many cases points are quashed and licences are safe

Just by using the featured example letters in the guide, we can almost guarantee that your points and fine will be dropped 90% of the time in most cases, saving you over £60, it doesn’t take a clever person to realise that £9.95 for all this advice and knowledge is well worth it especially if you already have 9 points your just 3 points from a Ban !  We will also attach links to useful websites, this is a FREE bonus !


Send us an email with the issue you are having with downloading the guide, or if you would like to simply tell us about your driving experience.

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